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יום שני, 31 באוקטובר 2011

The floral look

Floral pattern in cloths is a very feminine thing. The reason for that is probably is related to the fact that in the distant past, flowers were the main ornament of females and the feminine connotation for the floral look remained until today.

What can you do with flower pattern? Here are some examples:

And some extreme sexy floral leggings pictures: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3picture 4

יום ראשון, 30 באוקטובר 2011

Patent shoes

Patent shoes are leather shoes with a special finish that gives them a bright and shiny look. This finish gives the shoes a very sexy look that combines perfectly with a variety of colors:

יום שבת, 29 באוקטובר 2011

Beyonce in a tight shiny spandex catsuit

The fetish world is so rich and broad that it's very difficult to decide what is the sexiest garment. When it comes to a tight shiny body suit, it's undoubtedly a leading candidate for the sexiest garment title.

Catsuit has nothing to do with cats, and the origin of the name is unclear. It's a full body suit that is very tight - almost like a second skin.

The fact that this is very sexy fetish item not surprising at all: The combination of a shiny garment clinging to the body like a second skin is a very fundamental fetish element that repeat itself with many clothes. In  the case of catsuits it is a very extreme case in which the garment covers large parts of the body.

Beyonce is known as a very sexy  provocative singer. In November 2008 she preformed  in New York while wearing a black tight shiny catsuit, boots with high heels, and black gloves. It doesn't get more sexy then this!

Here is a video showing the performance in slow motion - there are some things that you just can get from a single image -  like Beyonce's sexy walk, or her incredible dance.

יום שישי, 28 באוקטובר 2011

One of the sexiest picture

This picture is one of the sexiest picture I have even seen.
While you can argue that there are sexier pictures, there is no thought that this is a very sexy picture. 

What's particularly interesting about this picture is what it lacks: It has no tits, no ass, no face, no lips, no eyes, and no hair. There are also no heels, no stockings, no garters, no corset and no shiny clothes  made ​out ​ of latex or PVC. So why is this picture so sexy?

I think that this picture represents exactly the type of slippery and most impressive sexiness - subtle sexiness. In this picture there are several sub-conscious elements that can influence us.

First of all, the  white mini dress with the flower decorations represent something very young and innocent. The long sweater that the girl is wearing suggests that she is in a chilly place, and the fact that she wears a mini-dress becomes much more sexy - wearing mini at summer time is something practical, while wearing mini at winter is something much less practical and so more sexual.

The thigh socks that the girl is wearing  are leaving a small area exposed. This  brings us sexual connotation because we know that we can make love to her without taking of any piece of clothing (except underwear - if she ever wear underwear).

But there's another sexy thing in this picture - the action that the girl does. The girl in the photo is adjusting her socks. Seemingly this is something simple and innocent, but this actually attracts our attention to the bare spot I just mentioned and the fact that the girl does in in a very innocent way only increases the effect.

I think that this picture can teach us quite a bit about sexually. Contrary to what seems intuitively, sometimes seemingly innocuous things can be much more sexy.

יום חמישי, 27 באוקטובר 2011

How a fetish is created?

How a fetish is created? How come every time I look at a woman who wears high heels I get exited and when I look at the same woman when she wears sinkers - it does nothing to me?

Like many things in social Science, there isn't any accurate scientific explanation of this phenomenon but there is a general theory that gives us more or less understand the concept. It calls "socialization".

Socialization (from Wikipedia) is the process of inheriting and disseminating norms,customs and ideologiese. For example: if in our society thin women are considered to be more beautiful than fat women, an individual will absorbed this opinion and start to believe it. It's hard to believe but once, before the era of abundance, fat women were considered to be more beautiful.

How exactly these social codes permeate a person? One of the most significant factors are television and cinema. In our days, young children discover the world Mainly through television and especially cartoons. In these cartoons we all learn the gender codes. Think of all the Disney movies: What the heroine looks like? How she dressed? How the differences between males and females are expressed in various movies?

I won't expand about the significance of gender in those movies and how they damage the status of women (and they do). I want to make one point clear: these movies are part of the basis of our sexual fantasies as well as the basis for fetishism.

While cartoons are generally naive movies, the movies that we see as we ages are much more sexual and much more fetish designers. Think about the classic movie scene in which  a car stops,  the door opens and a stunning and super sexy  woman gets out while in the background you hear some sexy jazz tune. What will be the first thing we will see? It will probably be her sexy stilettos heels. It's a common film role -  when you want to present a sexy lady the camera should go bottom-up and of course the lady has to wear high heels. At the moment that the person who see theses movies gets used to the idea that sexy women always wear high heels an associative connection between that element (high heels) and sex is created. 

But socialization is not only generated by Television and Film - our parents, and our mothers in particular, has great influence as well.  It was Freud who claimed that in our early childhood we (the boys) are developing the first sexual attraction to no other than our mother. Our mother in those years is the only woman in our lives and naturally we fall in love with her ​​and  become sexually attracted to her. In the same way girls become sexually attracted to there father. Freud claimed also that girls focus all there sexual attraction into one object - there father penis. They don't have a penis so they long to get one. The male genitalia becomes the object of attraction of the girls and for that reason the phenomenon of fetishism is much less common with women.

And what about the boys? Boys unconsciously looks for something that his mother has and he doesn't. At this point all sort of feminine clothing can feel this function: heels, tights, skirt etc. These items are like the penis for girls - sexual objects that he will never have and he will always long to have. 

This is how a fetish is created.

יום רביעי, 26 באוקטובר 2011

Boots over jeans

Rumor has it that the fashion trend of wearing boots over tight skinny jeans starts to diminish and maybe even disappear. The reason for that is that today boot cut jeans and flare jeans are becoming more popular than skinny jeans which means that the boots have to go under the jeans.
The combination of super tight skinny jeans with tight high heel boots is a very sexy combination  that we should cherish.
here are some examples:

For those of you who feel that they hadn't had enough - you can enter this site and find there countless images of women wearing tight jeans and boots over them.

יום שלישי, 25 באוקטובר 2011

Shiny cloths

I can count so many types of fetish, but I think the most significant one is the fetish for shiny shimmering cloths. What makes this shining so sexy? It's hard to tell. Maybe it brings out  connotation of healthy young skin. Or maybe we just like shiny things like new car or diamonds. 

There are many possibilities for shiny clothes, all very sexy: shoes, boots, stockings, tights, leggings, skirt, dress, catsuit , corset, gloves, shirt or coat - anything goes.

Here are the most common fabrics and materials used in the fashion industry:

1. Spandex - a general name for elastic fabrics.

2. Nylon - a type of synthetic fabric made out of plastic.Came into use only in the 20th century.

3. Latex\ Rubber - Type of fabric made of tree resin.

4. Vinyl\ PVC - Type of a chemical compound that was discovered in the 19th century.

5. Leather - Cloth made ​​of real animal skin.

6. Satin - Type of fabric that can be made ​​from silk, nylon or polyester.

7. Silk - Type of fabric made from protein secreted from silkworms. Originated in China thousands of years ago.

8. Velvet - Type of fabric from the 14th century. Usually made ​​of silk or cotton.

יום שני, 24 באוקטובר 2011

A-line skirts

From Wikipedia: An A-line skirt is a skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A. 
This type of skirt is a very sexy item for several reasons:
1. Only women wear skirts. This is a classic gender garment.
2. The trouser, skirt leaves an opening between the legs. This of course brings out sexual connotation. 
3. Wearing a skirt restricts the person who wear it and force her to move more gently - which is very feminine. 
4. Flapping skirt emphasis the waist giving the female body a more hourglass shape. It also makes the illusion of thinner legs.

Here some examples:

Some skirts made out of pleated fabric which gives them even more sexy look:

יום ראשון, 23 באוקטובר 2011

Sexy boots

High heel boots are one of my favorite fetish items. Here are some great examples:

Super thigh high boots - boots that are almost like tights.

Thigh high boots - very sexy boots that expose only part of the thighs.

Ankle boots\Booties - sexy short boots that allows to expose a lot of leg.

Go go boos - typical 60's boots with chunky heels

Platform latex boots - enough said.

Boots with leg warmers - a great combination!

For dessert: cool YouTube movie in witch a woman simply wears boots in the kitchen. The boots are very classic and probably the sexiest: black, knee high with high heels. so simple and yet so sexy:

יום שבת, 22 באוקטובר 2011

Kate Middleton - a fetish fashion review

Kate Middleton is definitely one of the most successful fashion leads of our time, who manages to maintain both the current trendy style and also the "general fetish universal roles".
Want examples? 

In this example  we can see Kate with short tight mini skirt and dark sexy printed tights.

When Kate chooses  to wear jeans as in this example she chooses a boot cut jeans that hides her ankles, and of course wears it with perfect sandals.

In this example you can sea Kate with a sweet white angora shrug.

In this example and in this example we can see Kate wearing coats that are some sort of flapping dress coats and of course -  sexy high heel boots. In both examples, Kate's knees get our attention, and knees are very sexy organ.

Even when Kate chooses the domestic look she knows how to do it just right like in this example.

Do you want some even more sexy examples? 

But I think the sexiest example will be: front and profile.

After all this you cant stop wounder how come Kate ended up wearing this boring wedding dress.

יום שישי, 21 באוקטובר 2011


I never really liked ballet, but when it comes to fetish - ballet is an endless source of it.
From where to start?

Tights/ Pantyhose - one of the basic ballet items. Usually come in bright colors like pink or white which empower the effect.

Ballet shoes - very feminine shoes that sometimes come with a ribbon that ties up around the ankle. Usually comes in pink.  

Leg warmers - A fashion item associated with the dance world in general and in particular with the ballet world.

Leotard - One of the sexiest clothing item that clings to the breasts and ass, and highlights the lambs.

Toto skirt - fluttering chiffon skirt that gives the desired A line.

Standing on tiptoes - one of the main characteristics of the ballet world which is a very sexy position that brings the foot as a direct continuation of the leg itself.

This position considered to be so sexy that there are special fetish shoes that allow to stand only with this position.

Something to think about - while watching ballet is considered to be entertainment preferred especially by women, ballet is filled with fetish elements  that men like. Is his a coincidence, or some sort of guiding hand planed it so everyone will be satisfied?

יום חמישי, 20 באוקטובר 2011

Fashion, fetish, gender and everything between

Hello to everyone.
This is my first posting on the blog and here I'm going to talk about my "creed", the content I'm going to put in this blog and its purpose. The title I chose for this blog: Fashion, Fetish and Gender, is the essence of it. For start, maybe we should understand of these terms (from Wikipedia):

Fashion  a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. 

Gender  is a range of characteristics used to distinguish between males and females, particularly in the cases of men  and women  and the masculine and feminine attributes assigned to them.

Fetish (clothing)is a sexual fetish that revolves around a fixation upon a particular article or type of clothing, a collection of garments that appear as part of a fashion or uniform, or a person dressed in such a garment..

And about "everything between" - Well, I think it's easy to understand how these three terms are related to each other. Fashions is constantly changing and  clothes have very large influence on attraction. And of course - because dressing is only a social issue - it is a great way to analyze the gender differences between men and women and their meanings.

At This blog I intend to analyze various clothing and explain the fetish meaning of them: why high heels are something so appealing? What is so sexy with clothes made out of  lycra, vinyl or leather, and what excites more: a naked woman or a woman with lingerie?

The main difference between this blog and other fashion blogs or articles is that this blog is going to try to be detached from all kinds of fashion trends. The goal will be to find some general truths that will be relevant over time and not wiped out after a season, with the intention to help people understand more about clothes and their great impact.

The current situation is that almost all conversations about clothes and fashion are consider to be "inferior". These are mostly teenage conversations or small talks. Society has a very special relationship with the world of fashion: on one hand - clothes have a huge impact on our lives, and on the other hand  - dealing to much with fashion is consider to be unrepeatable. This blog enters in this vacuum.

I must emphasize that I have no college education in gender nor in fashion, and this blog does not claim to be scientific or academic in any way. I might mention here and there some academic studies, but overall this blog simply represents my subjective opinion and yes - it is very possible that many things a matter of taste. But I believe that most men will share my taste.

And another little note - although the stigma determines if a man is talking about clothes or fashion then he's probably gay. I can certainly understand where this stigma has grown but in the case of me - I am 100% Straight and attracted only to women. It's possible that this fact will help me get this blog a number of unique ideas that were not presented elsewhere.